What I do?

  • Software development.
    • Fullstack, but interested primarily in the backend part.
    • Solid .NET background. Fluent in JS as well.
  • Architecture design.
    • Distributed systems, microservices, and cloud-first environments.
  • Leading a small team of software developers.
    • Taking responsibility for delivering business value on time.
    • Breaking business goals into technical stories that the engineering team can deal with.
    • Mentoring junior & mid developers, upskill sessions.
  • Technical aspect of the recruitment process.
    • Handling multi-phase coding skills verification.

What I don’t do?

  • CSS and pure UI development.
    • I have no artistic intuition or a good UI taste.
  • Leading a large team or multiple teams.
    • Or anything else that would require me to abandon coding and become a full-time email writer.
  • Joining an ever-messy environment.
    • Don’t get me wrong; if your dev team lives in a constant crunch, never writes tests, has no structured workflow and produces spaghetti code on a daily basis - I’d still join you (because I like challenges), but only if you want to make use of me to change this miserable state. Otherwise, I fail to see myself in that picture.

Am I willing to relocate?

  • Long story short: unlikely, but I might consider it.
    • I have quite a history of cities that I lived in; Kraków (PL), Wrocław (PL), Sydney (AU) and London (UK).
    • Ultimately, adding one more to the above list is fine, but with age, I’m becoming pickier and pickier when it comes to the offer, project, and the problem to be solved.
  • My top priority is a remote position, especially in the post-COVID state of the world.
    • I have a strong culture of remote work and experience in asynchronous communication.
    • I’m always available during regular office hours within the EU timezones.
    • No problems with onsite onboarding - up to 1 month, worldwide - before becoming a primarily remote member of the team.

Do I have a resume?

  • Yes, I do, but I have it linked at the very bottom because it’s essential to me that you know all the facts that I listed above.
  • So here it is; Bartosz Lenar Resume, version 2020-10-10.
    • The same information, plus the recommendations that I received from my customers, managers, and colleagues, are on my LinkedIn profile.